I’m Going on a Road Trip!


Being a military family we tend to travel a lot. We’ve moved multiple times {five} and have been on multiple road trips.

This one is different.

This time around I’m hitting the road without the husband. My parents are going to be taking a trip out to Indiana, picking me up, and driving me back to WA {with the two furbabies} and we’re going to hit up some sights on the way. My parents haven’t done a ton of traveling in their lives, so I think it’ll be a fun trip. They’re both super chill too, and we’re going to take our time heading out west.

Now you might be asking why I am taking a road trip. My husband is going to be working in Ft. Knox, Kentucky so he will be heading back and forth a lot from here to there. With him being gone sporadically, I knew that I would want to go home for a little bit, and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to spend any real length of time in Washington with boarding the dog and cat. I really wanted to be able to spend some time with friends and family if my husband was going to be more absent than home for the summer. After all, it’s summer.

It being mid-April, I’m starting to get in the road trip mindset. Getting ready to leave the house for a period of time, getting ready to have my parents here, and getting ready to do a lot of packing, there’s a lot on my mind. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and how I plan for a road trip.

Have you ever been a road trip? What was your favorite place to go?

If you have never been a road trip, where would you like to go?



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