WIAW #9: Our Visit to Lafayette

We went a trip to Lafayette on a 3-day weekend that J had. We had a visit to Purdue Veterinary School there with our doggie, Stryker. After we had dropped him off for a bit we got lunch. These are our eats from Triple XXX Family Restaurant {as seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives}. I also had a root beer that they made there which was very good. This is the photo I took of my cheeseburger and fries:IMG_8301

Dinner we stopped at Lafayette Brewing Company in downtown Lafayette. Here is our dinner:

FullSizeRender-51 FullSizeRender-52

It was pretty dark in there! We had loaded ‘tots’ with a pulled pork sandwich. We shared both the appetizer and the main dish. I had a pear beer {very good, refreshing drink} while J had a beer that I can’t remember the name of. He wasn’t as fond of it {he prefers whites, which they don’t always have at many breweries}. We should’ve gotten a growler while we were there.


We didn’t have breakfast the next day, by the time we went to the gym and got around to eating, we were ready for lunch. So we went to Chipotle {they have two in Lafayette…Don’t ask but it’s a big deal to my husband ;}FullSizeRender-50

Since I didn’t get any breakfast, we did some shopping and hit up Starbucks where I got my Iced Caramel Macchiato:


We also were able to stop by a winery in Lafayette:FullSizeRender-57

One thing you might want to know about Indiana wine is that most of their wine is sweet. Not a lot of dry wines, most of them are fruit based. For a super wine snob they don’t really care for these types of wines, and likely wouldn’t bother even going to one of these wineries. I personally don’t like sweet wines, but I love checking out new places…And hey, it’s wine!


The wine pictured above is the only real dry white that they had. We did end up purchasing this one along with a cherry wine. I really like the cherry wine they had there–it paired really nicely with chocolate. Like a chocolate covered cherry. Yum.

IMG_8324 IMG_8337

After we went to the winery we walked around Purdue’s campus for a little bit. I had a little bit of a headache {not enough water!} and we tried to get a little bit more exercise before the two hour drive back home. Some flowers were already blooming, and we got to walk around by the horticulture/agriculture buildings, along with where they teach at the veterinary school.

It was a nice trip overall…And good to get away for a little bit!

Have a great Wednesday,


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11 thoughts on “WIAW #9: Our Visit to Lafayette

  1. Hi Marissa! I was super confused at first, because there is a Lafayette right near me in the Bay Area of Northern California. Hahha. Clearly not where you visited. And I like sweet wine. Like you said, wine is wine. Glad you got some good eats!


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