May & June Recaps and a Look Forward

May was a crazy month for me for the most part, much of it was spent traveling, recovering from traveling, or planning on traveling. It was a whirlwind so here I am to see what exactly went on while I was gone. Top 5 Posts:

  1. WIAW #10: Tuesday Eats
  2. WIAW #9: Our Visit to Lafayette
  3. What’s Up Wednesday #7
  4. Road Trip: Two Months in Advance
  5. WIAW #8: Easter Sunday

Vistors included: United States, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar, India, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Welcome! We only had 56 visitors for the month of May. As for June, it has been a month of adjusting, and not many blog posts. Here though are the top 5 blog posts for June:

  1. WIAW #9: Our Visit to Lafayette & Make-It Monday: Mint Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies (It’s a tie!)
  2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Freezer Cookies
  3. I’m Going on a Road Trip!
  4. Adjusting to the Midwest

Looks like someone had a sweet tooth in June!

Visitors included: United States, Argentina, Japan, United Kingdom & Australia.

We had an all-time low for the month of June of 30 visitors…But not any new posts, so I can see why.

Cheers to June, and bring on July!



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