A Day in Vincennes {and a little history lesson}

My mom recently came to visit, and while she was here she wanted to take a trip to Vincennes. One thing to know about my mother is that she grew up in Indiana. She moved in her early 20’s, making a trip out to Arizona where she and my father spent many years together, and… Continue reading A Day in Vincennes {and a little history lesson}


Valentine’s Day Weekend 2016

The last couple of days this week have been super warm. It was almost seventy degrees on Saturday, still decently warm yesterday, and tolerable yesterday. It made me question my wardrobe and the need for new shoes {flip flops!} and other fun clothes….And then hearing the weather report for later this week made me realize… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Weekend 2016

Bridgeton Covered Bridge Festival 2015

We had the opportunity to visit Bridgeton, Indiana for the yearly covered bridge festival. There are quite a few of these in the area, complete with lots of handmade goods, food, antiques, and lots of odds and ends. It was fun to walk around and check everything out. This bridge was originally constructed and used… Continue reading Bridgeton Covered Bridge Festival 2015