Fall-ing In Love {Link-Up}

Hello there! it’s been a been a while {July?! What?!}. Time flies! I am back in the Midwest…And I have a lot to talk about!

I’m getting back into the swing of things and…Wait, it’s almost October? That means it’s officially fall. I’m one of those people that don’t jump the gun on seasons and holidays…I don’t celebrate Fall when it’s officially still Summer {Summer is my favorite season}, I don’t decorate for Christmas in October {I have had friends who have gotten their tree up before Halloween}. Nothing against you if you do {to each their own!}. I love savoring things while they’re happening…and that brings me to fall!

So, let’s talk about what I love about fall.

Football & More Blue Fridays
Love my Seattle Seahawks!
Whatever you watch things start getting back on track…Modern Family, Blackish, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS, and so on…They’re baaaaack! All those cliffhangers we have answers to and now the nightly routine is a little bit more entertaining.
Fall Shopping
Is anyone else happy that the patio furniture is out, the seasonal sections of the stores have taken away the rows of notebooks, pens, pencils, lunchboxes and backpacks…And replaced it with spooky costumes and fun decorations? I love it.
Fall Drinks
Pumpkin spice move aside…We’ve got a new latte in town: Toasted in graham latte! Anyone try it? I happened to try it last weekend…Yum! Love the change of things that make you feel warm and cozy.
Fall Color

This is one thing I love but I don’t think I’ve had the time to experience living in Alaska or Washington. In Alaska fall happens in August. As of right now Fairbanks has had snow and Anchorage is expecting snow. Leaves have already changed and the “termination dust” has already came. Washington isn’t full of leafy trees to be able to see much of a change, and it had already started to change when I was there in August. Higher altitudes like Mount Rainier and Crystal Mountain {which too has seen snow already this season} have had a change of fall color {which is gorgeous by the way}. Indiana? Leaves are starting to change but things are pretty much still green. This year I want to get into the thick of it and visit Brown County and experience first hand. That I’m looking forward to!


Fall Clothing

As you can probably tell from the photos…I love scarves, Halloween themed clothes, football themed clothing, and boots! Hoodies are also my favorite {and a staple in the PNW}. Love!

What are your favorite things about fall?


Interested in linking up?

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