A Day in Vincennes {and a little history lesson}

My mom recently came to visit, and while she was here she wanted to take a trip to Vincennes.

One thing to know about my mother is that she grew up in Indiana. She moved in her early 20’s, making a trip out to Arizona where she and my father spent many years together, and subsequently my brother and I were born.

My mom had learned about this monument in Vincennes when she was a kid in school and learning about Indiana history. She couldn’t recall if she ever did make a trip here, but she wanted to check it out anyway.

A little history on this park: George Rogers Clark was an American soldier whose brother was well known Meriwether Lewis {you know, one of the guys that made it to the West coast with William Clark}. George Rogers Clark recruited men to fight for America, battled the British, and gained the foothold of Fort Sackville on the Wabash River in Vincennes where this monument sits. He also worked with Frances Vigo {who I’m guessing Vigo county is named after in Indiana}. Possession of Fort Sackville was a crucial part in gaining control of Fort Detroit and the American control of the western United States. What I found most amazing: George Rogers Clark was only 26 years old.

If you are in the area of Western Indiana, this is a beautiful memorial. We found the park rangers very helpful and it wasn’t super busy, which is kind of nice if you’d like to avoid a crowd. You might also like to stop here if you’re a National Park buff {they do have their own stamp if you do the passport program}. For more information visit the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park via NPS.

There is loads of history in Vincennes, which I believe will be fun to go back and explore later!

Have you every been to this National Historical Park?



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