Covered Bridges of Western Indiana


One thing that I always found interesting about Indiana are the covered bridges. Luckily around here there’s plenty of festivals and things to give locals an opportunity to check out what the area has to offer.

This weekend and last weekend was the Maple Festival out of Rockville, Indiana, which we stopped by and enjoyed. There were craft vendors, maple syrup vendors, and pancakes complete with maple syrup. We checked it out and filled up before wandering off on a mission to find some covered bridges.

So in the next few weeks, I will cover which bridges we came to and some thoughts on them. If you are interested in wandering out here to Western Indiana and look for some covered bridges of your own, you can always look for or request the information here.

Below are the covered bridges in Western Indiana. I will link and cross off the blog posts as I go here, because, well…I plan on seeing a few more!

  1. State Sanatorium Bridge
  2. Portland Mills Bridge
  3. Mansfield Bridge
  4. Big Rocky Fork Bridge
  5. Conley’s Ford Bridge
  6. Bridgeton Bridge
  7. Conley’s Ford Bridge
  8. Bridgeton Bridge
  9. Neet Bridge
  10. McAllister Bridge
  11. Crooks Bridge
  12. Caitlin Bridge
  13. Nevins Bridge
  14. Thorpe Ford Bridge
  15. Roseville Bridge
  16. Harry Evans Bridge
  17. Zacke Cox Bridge
  18. Mecca Bridge
  19. Phillips Bridge
  20. Sim Smith Bridge
  21. Melcher Bridge
  22. Leatherwood Station Bridge
  23. West Union Bridge
  24. Jackson Bridge
  25. Marshall Bridge
  26. Rush Creek Bridge
  27. Mill Creek Bridge
  28. Bowsher Ford Bridge
  29. Wilkins Mill Bridge
  30. Cox Ford Bridge
  31. Narrows Bridge
  32. Beeson Bridge
  33. Billie Creek Bridge

I hope you guys enjoy seeing our adventures! I’d love to hear about any of your stories about covered bridges 🙂



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