Valentine’s Day Weekend 2016

The last couple of days this week have been super warm. It was almost seventy degrees on Saturday, still decently warm yesterday, and tolerable yesterday. It made me question my wardrobe and the need for new shoes {flip flops!} and other fun clothes….And then hearing the weather report for later this week made me realize it’s still winter.

That brings me to Valentine’s and President’s Day weekend which was fun, interesting, and well..cold.


Starting out the weekend we took a trip to Indianapolis to drop J’s car off out at the dealership so it could get some TLC. We stopped by the mall and the Flying Cupcake and grabbed these cupcakes on the way to my aunt & uncle’s house. We’ve got red velvet {with little chocolate chips in it}, death by chocolate, a cream filled, and a peanut butter cupcake. We split them in 4ths and had a little tasting of sorts.

Saturday we spent some time at a friend’s house. They’re remodeling a home here and J loves to help them out and do projects.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day. Jesse requested me to make him cupcakes, and it was dumping snow outside. Probably the most snow we’ve gotten at one time this season, which was several inches {not a ton}.

We did manage to make it to Starbucks for a ‘date’ and I of course got to try the super chocolatey latte {which was delish!}.


The cupcakes I ended up making for J were mint chocolate. I did a dark chocolate cupcake with a mint buttercream frosting {with a nice fresh mint taste-I used just a little bit of extract}. I then made little hearts and shavings out of Andes mint chocolates. They were a hit!

While the cupcakes were baking I did take the dog out and play with the camera a bit. He loves the snow so I let him play and I played ball to get out some energy.

We went back to our friend’s house to help with more house stuff… Then grabbed some pizza and had dinner while watching Jurassic World.

Monday wasn’t very exciting so I won’t go into that 😉

What fun things did you do Valentine’s Day weekend?



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