Thinking Out Loud Thursday #3

Why is it every year I say…This year will be the year I am more consistent with my posts?!  Really it’s been nearly a year since I was consistently posting, and since then some link-ups I’ve been participating in have come and gone. It’s really too bad, but I understand why!

I really do like link-ups. They’re great for inspiration!


So on with it…Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

  1. The Today Show. I used to watch it all the time….But what happened?! I feel like it’s not as great as it used to be. It’s almost too talk show and less good segments and stuff. That makes me sad. I never want to watch it anymore.
  2. Journaling. I stumbled upon this blog that has some great daily prompts in case you’d be interested in getting into journaling. Check out Kenzie at Hello Neverland and view her February Journal Prompts. She’s got some fun ideas, even if you don’t feel like following every one of them. If you have children or plan to, I think it’s something that you could leave for a loved one to give them some more insight to you. One prompt for February was asking how you celebrated Valentine’s Day when you were a kid, and I have some fun memories I decided to jot down. Can’t wait to see next months prompts!
  3. Snow. We’ve had a fairly mild winter, and I guess February is one of those months that is the coldest and we get the most snow. The average temperature has actually been lower than average this month–but I think its safe to say that all the months leading to January were much warmer going into the new year. The pattern with the snow has been cold, snow, warm, melt, repeat. Its super annoying because I enjoy the snow and I just wish it would stick around a little bit longer. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with Stryker in the snow though! Talk about a dog who loves the snow.IMG_8213
  4. Cupcake Wars. I’ve been probably way too obsessed with food shows. It hasn’t really been inspiring me to make any new foods really but I just love seeing people putting super strange random things into a cupcake and make it into a dessert. Probably really hard, yet it’s so creative.6935343_orig
  5. How was your Valentine’s Day? We didn’t do anything real special…Not one for really going out and doing that whole scene. I got some pretty flowers though with glitter on them! Yay!

This blog is brought to you by the Running with Spoons link-up! Join in here.

See you again soon!




10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #3

  1. Your dog is gorgeous! No snow where I live, just ice and frost! It was funny watching my pups go out to go potty on it in the morning. They would look back at me like, “really mom?!” And Cupcake Wars! I love that show! I’ve been to Sprinkles and gotten two cupcakes 🙂

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    1. Thank you:) Haha…my dog acts like he could live outside in the snow. It was snowing the other day and I was thinking how he looks like one of those dogs in the commercials or memes that are like ‘bring your dog in when it gets cold!’…I’m just like, he likes it though! lol Aww that would be fun to go to Sprinkles! I bet it was a blast!


  2. I used to love Food Network shows when I had TV! Rachel Ray was the first one I watched, then Guy Fieri. I think I love the BIG personalities. I recently saw that there is a cupcake wars for kids or something? Starting ’em early hahaha

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