WIAW #13: Today’s Eats

Well hello there.

It’s been a while since I have talked about my eats! Well lets be honest…blogged much at all. Buuuut, I felt as though it was time, and why not start with a What I Ate Wednesday?!

This morning I was drug out of bed to do some blood work. Ok, I wasn’t drug {I was the only one home} but I reluctantly got my butt out of bed to get ready to go visit the doc. My favorite. Not really.

So for breakfast this morning we went to this local coffee shop called Java Haute. I had a breakfast sandwich called the Urban Farmer and a white chocolate mocha. My husband had  white mocha with an oatmeal and a plain bagel.


I guess this was an ok breakfast for having to get prodded first thing in the morning 😉

It was like a panini with everything bread, cheese, bacon, and egg.

My husband also picked up a treat for me for later.

Lunch I sort of skipped…I’m kind of the type that if I have a large breakfast or decent sized cup of coffee I won’t be as hungry for lunch. So I had an early{ish} dinner, and heated up some Panera soup {thank you Sam’s Club}.


My husband usually has class in the evening time, so I made sure that I heated some up for him so he could have something before he headed to school.

Then for dessert…


Carmel brownie! And yes, it was good. I enjoyed this with a cup of decaf.

Anyone on Snapchat? I have way too much fun on there. Add me if you’d like.


What’s the most decadent thing you’ve had today?


WIAW brought to you by Peas & Crayons and Big Man’s World.


6 thoughts on “WIAW #13: Today’s Eats

  1. I hate having to get blood work done first thing in the morning! I’m always so cranky because i can’t have any coffee beforehand. That brownie though…yum!

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