What’s Up Wednesday #5: I’m Hosting!

Lately I’ve been participating in What’s Up Wednesday, and this week they’ve asked me to host! How much fun! Here’s been what’s up with me the past week:


What I loved about the past week// Last Friday I went with a friend to Rockville, IN and we went wine tasting at a place called The Drunk Tank. It was really interesting–an old jail that they converted into a B&B. It’s not haunted though! I asked 😉


What I’m looking forward to// I’ve been looking forward to some time with my family {I know I mentioned this last week} but I am. I’ve been researching the crap out of some road trip stuff, so stay tuned for that!

What my latest obsession is// I was told today that the doc wants me one some medication for stomach pain. I have to pick up the prescription tomorrow. No spicy foods, no bananas, and no chocolate for me. So naturally, I’m pretty obsessed with consuming chocolate.

What I’ve been daydreaming about// Summer & sunshine.


What I’m watching// Law & Order SVU. Can we talk about that new detective on this current season {thank goodness he shaved that awful ‘stache of his} and ADA Barba? Barba and those suits…Love the style.  We’ve also been watching The Americans. That’s been pretty good, too.


What I’m listening to// Nothing in particular. Top 40, maybe.


What I’m craving// Chocolate. Dumb pills.


What I’m doing this weekend// We’re going to see a movie {not sure which one yet} but I promised my husband. Lunch or dinner, and a movie.


What else is new// Not much, really. Trying to purge my pantry {we had a 2nd water leak in our pantry} and I want to put less in than I took out. That’s been my project really.


Join the link-up! Read the rules and prompts here.


Thank you to Ashley, Katie, and Shannon for asking me to host!



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