WIAW #8: Easter Sunday

FullSizeRender-45 I’ve been doing a photo challenge from its_my_week on Instagram, and it was with #myweekofreflections. Theres not many places around her to take photos with a reflection, and Easter morning was so peaceful. On our walk with Stryker we took a walk around the pond, and I noticed how calm it was and how you could actually see a reflection in the water. So there was my photo for my week of reflections. A nice, mild morning. It was great. FullSizeRender-43 FullSizeRender-44

We hit the road for Indianapolis to visit my family {aunt and uncle} and stopped to get some Starbucks on the way out. Above is my nonfat iced caramel macchiato and my usual bacon and gouda breakfast sandwich…Which I didn’t get a photo of. Sad face! We didn’t really have anything for lunch, eventually we had some snacks {cheese and crackers} which were getting gobbled up quicker than I could’ve gotten a photo of! It was delish {and my husband actually ate cheese other than cheddar. This is huge, lol}. My other aunt showed up, there was lots of wine and talking…Pretty much the norm for a visit with my family. Dinner {as pictured above} was ham {yum!}, homemade scallop potatoes, broccoli, some sweet potato, green beans, and rolls. Oh the holidays. Food is good. For dessert I made some Butterfinger cupcakes. I’m going to give you a little play-by-play of this…For some suspense.

FullSizeRender-46 FullSizeRender-49

I got this inspiration from Pinterest…But went a different route with completely homemade cupcakes {not from box} and chocolate {my husband’s vote}. Lots of Butterfinger action {shaving the candy bar} to make the frosting. The batter was nice and thick, easy to spoon into cupcake liners. Placed with a butterfinger egg inside it looked like so: FullSizeRender-48 And of course the final product: FullSizeRender-47 I think that’s a good ending 😉 Did you go anywhere for Easter? What was the best thing you ate on Easter?

Happy WIAW!


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22 thoughts on “WIAW #8: Easter Sunday

  1. Yum! Those butterfingers cupcakes look delish. I made something similar a while back and now i want to go back and revamp the recipe. You’ve inspired me!

    I was in SF for Easter and the best thing I ate was probably a vietnamese meal. Not typical Easter food, but it’s what we had and it was great!

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  2. Whoa you should be a professional cupcake maker, those turned out so cute! Also how exactly do you shave butterfingers? The best thing I ate were my dad’s famous waffles that he recently made gluten-free because of me! They are to die for. Happy Easter!

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    1. Aw, that sounds awesome! To shave the butterfingers you use a vegetable peeler. It makes it interesting to do the frosting (there’s chunks that get stuck in the icing tip)…Maybe next time I’ll crunch them up more! Thanks:)


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