Ditching Cable

When we moved into our apartment complex, we didn’t have much choice of cable provider. In the past we have had Comcast, Direct TV, GCI, Time Warner, and most recently Dish Network. The strange thing about Dish was that we didn’t personally have a dish, the apartment complex has multiple satellite dishes and routes the cable to the individual apartments. Want something besides Dish? Nope, too bad.

Our dish had so many issues. It would record random shows {must’ve been from the last owner of the dish}, it would restart, or just plain have issues restarting. When that happened it wouldn’t record anything on the DVR until you realized it and then unplugged and plugged it back in. After going to the apartment and having a tech coming out several times to “fix” the problem. It never worked.

We then decided to get Apple TV. We can use Netflix, Hulu Plus, and network TV apps to get most of our shows streamed. It also saves a whole lot of cash, considering.

Photo from Mindless Magazine
Photo from Mindless Magazine

So, being new to Apple TV, anyone out there have Apple TV? How do you like it? Where do you like to get your news on Apple TV?



9 thoughts on “Ditching Cable

  1. I hadn’t had cable in 5 years until I moved to San Deigo last month. Vegas insists because of football… I still haven’t turn on the TV more than once in 4 weeks though! You don’t really need it with the internet.

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  2. I have gone without cable twice now, most recently I currently do not have it. I find for the most part I can get the entertainment I want and I get to avoid the commercials so that is an added bonus. I don’t have Apple TV just apps on my tv or phone.

    My only small irk is that some of the apps don’t have all the shows/channels I want or work in my region. With baseball starting, I am missing all the games. Audio just isn’t enough for me haha.

    On the whole I enjoy it though because I am much less caught up in watching random shows because I’m bored.

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    1. Yeah I really miss the Today show. I just like watching it. Most other things I could probably find one way or the other, but sometimes live is good! I did find ABC does Good Morning America life on their app, though I can’t get it to work! My husband really enjoys baseball, he might really miss it this season, too.


  3. We don’t watch news, we just stay up to date via websites and other social media outlets. We love Apple TV, but without Netflicks or a cable subscription you can’t use it for a lot of the apps. We also have an antenna to watch regular tv, although we don’t use it often. Make sure to login to the PBS stations for a number of free shows. 🙂

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    1. I definitely will have to look into PBS! We’ve used my parent’s login to access some of the cable channels which is nice. My husband feels like he can’t miss some of his oddball History/Discovery shows;)


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