WIAW #6: St Patrick’s Day Edition


Last week I talked about how I didn’t do a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on St. Patrick’s Day, but I decided to do something on the weekend instead. When going through my photos I realized something…I didn’t get a picture of the main dish! We were just so set on eating…I didn’t do it! Oops.

I did make sure to save leftovers and made a hash the next day:


IMG_8214 IMG_8211

Breakfast was potatoes, onion, bell pepper, garlic, leftover corned beef, egg, and a little bit of Kerrygold Dubliner on top. The side is a Irish Soda bread. Homemade {You’ll see that all in it’s glory in a minute}. Can’t forget the coffee, of course.



I snapped a quick photo for appetizers, so the lighting isn’t good {for the fruit especially!}….We had a fruit rainbow with chocolate coins, green, white, and orange vegetables {like the Irish flag}, pretzels, crackers, cheese, and smoked salmon {which I brined and smoked myself}.

Main Dish!

IMG_8204I didn’t forget to take a picture of the Irish Soda Bread {we had this with the main dish} because I had to show my mom what it looked like…Ha! It turned out nicely, and maybe just a tad overdone. Regardless it was good, and that’s all that matters…Right?!



This was another quick pic of the Irish Coffee Ice Cream Pie with coffee ganache. Not the best photo, but man was this pie good!



This is what happens when you have leftovers! This is leftover smoked salmon, corned beef dip, crackers, and pretzels. Good stuff.

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26 thoughts on “WIAW #6: St Patrick’s Day Edition

    1. Amazon for the mug! I got it for Valentine’s Day. I got my Irish Soda Bread from AllRecipies…I like it because if there’s a million people that review it and give it 5 stars, it’s gotta be decent ๐Ÿ˜‰


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