What’s Up Wednesday #4

What's Up Wednesday
 It’s Wednesday again! Halfway through the week. Time for…What’s up Wednesday 🙂
What I loved about the past week// Finally celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with all the food. I love food.
What I’m looking forward to// I feel like my answer is always the weekend. i did talk to my mom today, and her and my father are booking tickets to come out here. so I guess I’m looking forward to that 😉
What my latest obsession is// Cleaning and anything that goes along with it. It comes and goes but I like printables, recipes for things, etc. Tips & tricks are always fun to research.
What I’ve been daydreaming about// Having my husband home for a full weekend. It’s been a while.
What I’m watching// OITNB & Law & Order: SVU
What I’m listening to// Nothing new from last week.
What I’m craving// That coffee ice cream pie with chocolate ganache I made for St. Patrick’s Day.
What I’m doing this weekend// So far, no plans! Last week there was an antique show and a car show. That would’ve been cool, but didn’t get a chance to go.
What else is new// I’m thinking about doing one of those wine & canvas things. Maybe. There’s really not much new this week!

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