Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2


Courtesy of Running with Spoons

I feel like my blogging has been so sporadic lately…So I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad plan for me to do a little…Thinking Out Loud 🙂

  1. This week has been strange. I’m actually surprised on how quickly it’s going…I felt like Monday was moving so slow. My aunt text me and offered to drive out from Indianapolis to do lunch, and they managed to make it out today. We went to Cheddar’s for lunch and it was really nice to catch up {and get out of the house!}cheddars
  2. I can’t watch OITNB {sad face} or start a new show I haven’t watched yet like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or what have you because my husband can’t watch it with me…And you know how that is when you can’t watch something because the other spouse will want to watch it with you? So I’m watching Law & Order SVU instead. *Sigh.*l&osvu
  3. Anyone out there have the Crowdfire App for your Twitter/Instagram? It’s amazing!
  4. While we’re on the topic…Follow me on Twitter & Instagram.
  5. FYI – I’m still eating pie from Pi Day. I like pie, but I surely don’t want to eat an entire pie by myself. The rest is for my husband…
  6. We’re super excited that we’re doing some St. Patrick’s Day stuff saturday. We as in me. The menu: corned beef and cabbage, irish soda bread, veggies in the pattern of the Irish flag, fruit rainbows…AND an Irish coffee ice cream pie with chocolate ganache. Oh Pinterest, how I love you. ❤

Hope you all had a happy Thursday!



15 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2

  1. I’ll have to check out the Crowdfire App! I’ve never heard of it before. Gotta love Pi Day! Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We celebrated with corned beef and cabbage last weekend. I don’t personally eat the corned beef (I’m a vegetarian) but my husband and daughter loved it. I’m always up for some cabbage! I should’ve made some Irish Soda bread too. I always forget where I keep my recipe for it.

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  2. An Irish coffee ice cream pie with chocolate ganache!?!?!? Be still my rumbling stomach! That sounds AMAZING. It sounds like you’ve got quite the St. Patrick’s Day celebration lined up for this Saturday – can’t wait to hear how you enjoy it!!!

    Yay for Cheddar’s! Such good food.

    I’ve never heard of Crowdfire so I’ll have to investigate. Thanks for the tip!

    Incidentally – I was interested to see the Military blog badge on your site. One of my favorite blogs is by an army wife ( so I will have to let her know about your blog and about that directory!

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    1. The pie was a huge hit! It’s from Rachel Cooks I believe so if you google it, it should come up! Our celebration turned out well…My husband is getting up late but I plan on making a corned beef hash with leftovers for breakfast 😉
      I really enjoy the crowdfire app…You can also make it so your Instagram photos get posted at the “peak” times and stuff so you get more likes/follows. It’s so handy!
      Thanks! I’ll have to check out Army Amy! 🙂


  3. I love your St Paddy’s Day menu! My parents are Irish and my mum insists on baking soda bread every weekend so I guess I’m lucky to have that – I am a sucker for it!

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  4. OMG I have the same issue with TV Shows, right now I am watching Battle Star Galatica because he doesn’t mind. I should watch Law & Order SUV, I’ve seen the one show that was on Chicago FIRE and PD (those are good shoes too)

    I didn’t do anything for St. Patties… even forgot to wear green. oops!

    If your interested I have nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog.

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    1. Oh yeah! Everyone says Chicago Fire & Chicago PD is good. My mom told me to watch it because she thought I’d like it 😉 I’ll have to add that to the list.
      Oops! I wore green…Not that I really did much though.
      YES! The award. I need to do that! Forgot until you reminded me.


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