What’s Up Wednesday #3

Guess what day it issssss?! Hump Day! What’s up, Wednesday?
What I loved about the past week//  J and I started some new Netflix shows. Whaaaat?!
What I’m looking forward to//  Finishing those shows 😉
What my latest obsession is//  St. Patrick’s Day. My husband wasn’t available for dinner this year, so I’m going to be doing a *belated* St. Pat’s dinner this weekend.
What I’ve been daydreaming about//  Having a really clean house. Who knows, maybe one day it will happen?!
What I’m watching//  OITNB, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, NCIS:  NOLA, and episodes of The Chew on the DVR that have been driving my husband crazy!
What I’m listening to//  Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Every time it comes on the radio it pumps me up…
What I’m craving//  Anything sweet. And pie!
What I’m doing this weekend//  Eating fun food and green drinks!
What else is new//  I just can’t wait until the weekend!
Happy Wednesday,

9 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #3

  1. I am also a Blank Space addict…I crank it up every time it comes on. Then play it on my phone when it’s over…I love both of those Series. I just finished Kimmy and OITNB is about to be your obsession. I promise.

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    1. I had to watch it too because everyone was watching it! They’re short episodes (30 minutes) and they’re pretty funny. They aren’t really sexually explicit or have a lot of nudity…Unlike House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. I felt after I watched the first episode I was doubtful…Kind of hard to get into. But after that I was on a roll 😉


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