What’s Up Wednesday #2


Happy Wednesday! Here is what’s up with me…Get it?!

What I loved about the past week//  Down time. This week I’ve felt so mentally drained.

What I’m looking forward to//  I always feel like I’m pining for the weekend. Or maybe Thursdays, because my husband is usually back home at a halfway decent time.

What my latest obsession is//  TJ Maxx. Between the journals I bought last week and the fun stuff to spruce up my bedding, I’m in love ❤


What I’ve been daydreaming about//  Earning money with my blog 😉

What I’m watching// Today I was catching up on some NCIS: New Orleans.

What I’m listening to//  My fascination has been with Pandora radio: Gwen Stefani or Lady Gaga. Have to listen to something good when I’m at the gym!

What I’m craving//  Girl Scout cookies. This could be bad since I have a bunch sitting around this joint 🙂


What I’m doing this weekend//  I’m not really sure. My husband will be going into some training next week, so I might relax for the most part if I can.

What else is new//  I finally wore my new work out pants!


What’s going on with you this Wednesday?


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10 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #2

  1. Oh man I can’t even go into TJ Maxx because I’ll come out having spent all the money that I don’t have. I totally dream of making money with my blog…maybe some day. Thanks for linking up! Be sure to join us next week!

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  2. Ahh, I would die to have anything close to a TJ Maxx near me!!!! The military sent us to Alaska, and yea, its true, there’s not much here! Glad I’m not the only one dreaming of the cookies LOL!

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  3. Ah I absolutely love TJ Maxx. I love browsing around there, but I usually always walk out of there with a $200 purse in hand. It is soo bad for my bank account! Also I love your workout pants! Were those a TJ Maxx find?!

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    1. The workout pants were a Nike outlet find buuuut, when I was in TJ Maxx last they were getting in spring workout apparel! Great colors and super cute! I almost walked out with some, but decided against it since I was already buying a bunch of stuff lol 😉


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