Friday Favorites #3: For the Week of 3/6

Life In Leggings
It’s friday! Today should be an interesting day {it has been pretty eventful so far} and we’ll be rounding our day out with dinner with friends! Looking forward to it:)
Here is our dinner last Saturday, which was awesome {it was snowing pretty good out at this time too}

My husband had some training he had to go to this week, so my week has been loaded with Scandal. The TV show of course! 😉9673

It’s been snowing {don’t know if you knew that 😉 } so here is my snow outfit for walking Stryker {it either has to be really cold, or there has to be a lot of snow for me to wear this though} :


I’ve been trying to get through Plate to Pixel, a book about food photography. It’s hard sometimes when you start to really get into something that sometimes you just want to learn more and more of it. I already have a wishlist of follow up books for me on Amazon!


Also I’m in love with these notebooks from TJ Maxx:


One thing that I’ve been doing is drinking lemon water every day. We will see how this goes {and if I feel any better drinking it}…I’ve also been thinking about trying bulletproof coffee.


How was your week?



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