Thinking Out Loud Thursday

It’s been a link-up kind of week for me, I don’t always have a lot of ideas to talk about so I’m trying a few different link-ups to see how I like them and how they go! This link up is from Running With Spoons, check her out because she has got some great ideas {and food! Yum!}. So here comes the randomness! 😉


I’ve been on this we-could-really-use-a-better-blender kick. Not something that is super spendy, like a Vitamix, but we saw a pretty decent deal at Sam’s for a Ninja. It has lots of attachments and things on it, and you’re able to use little cups {like a Magic Bullet or Nutribullet} so it seems super handy.

Image from Sam's Club
Image from Sam’s Club

Next is of course what I would do with this bad boy. So a resource that I really like is Simple Green Smoothies. I mean, c’mon, check out this smoothie:


I will have to do a review of a bunch of things, the Ninja, maybe even some smoothies, and who knows, maybe I will think of some good smoothies of my own. J loves smoothies, so I’m sure he’s going to love our newest edition.

Anyone have any smoothie recipes you’d like to share?

Who likes House of Cards?! It’s baaaaaack tomorrow. We’ve gotta get on the Netflix bandwagon so we can check it out {the last couple seasons we viewed through Amazon Instant Video} but we can’t wait to see how things for the Underwoods!


I think that’s it for me tonight….it’s almost Friday! TGIT 😉



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