Tuesday Musings

Today I had planned on doing a post about Treat Yourself Tuesday (even as the link-up for this topic has been discontinued). I decided that maybe I would treat myself and look around TJ Maxx (I really want a blog notebook and wanted to check it out). So, I go out to the truck, started it up, and thought that it might’ve sounded a little strange. I noticed that the check engine light was on and thought that was strange. So I turned the truck off, tried to restart it, it wouldn’t start. Tried again, wouldn’t start. Waited a few minutes, tried again, then it started with a very strange smell. So given that my husband has his evening classes on occasion I gave up. No one wants to be stranded with a broken down car! I think the reason may be that it’s been so dang cold out lately, it’s also low in gas (yet not out of gas).  Fingers crossed that there’s nothing crazy wrong.


So the next best thing was to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate (no Starbucks since I don’t have a car) and some Samoa Girl Scout cookies. And my dog who won’t leave my side when I’m sitting at the kitchen table. Right now he’s laying (very uncomfortably) by the back door.

I did make a list today of meals for the rest of the week, J wants to start incorporating some Paleo into our regular routine, so I found some recipes on Paleo Grubs which look awesome and I’m going to try. More on that later I’m sure!

I am going to be starting an online photography course for fun starting next month, which I’m psyched about. I’m excited to see what comes of that, and what I might be able to capture around here. Things aren’t always very exciting around these parts, so hopefully it will give me a chance to see things a little differently. I’m also going to do a little DIY project for a couple photography props. With a little bit of J’s help, of course.

We’re also going to upgrade one of our blenders, so I’ll be trying out some new and interesting recipes for smoothies. If you have any good ones, feel free to share! I have quite the stash of bananas in the freezer.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


I’m linking up with Live Randomly Simple.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Musings

  1. Thanks so much for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday! I hope you stop by to link up with us again this week. Remember the party starts tonight at 10pm!
    Christie ~ Sparkles of Sunshine

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