Adjusting to the Midwest

Since we have moved to Indiana, it’s been pretty well known that I have a lot of time to kill. I haven’t found a job here, even as I have considered it and even applied to jobs, but this town is full of college kids and the economy isn’t great. That has what has given me the time to be able to dedicate more time to blogging, reading, and projects.

I’ve decided that it’s been time to buckle down and do something, whether it’s go back to school for a degree, take a class or two, put more effort into getting a job, just something. Hopefully you’ll be able to see this journey of mine, I have a few things in mind that I’d like to start.

Thus far, this has been the most difficult duty station to get by, mostly because of the fact that we don’t have a military post/base nearby really, so things are tricky.

For those who have started over in a difficult place/duty station, how did you get through?



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