Weekend Recap: Valentine’s Day

We had lots of fun this weekend, starting off with the “World’s Largest Starbucks Date” on Friday. Our poor little Starbucks here (we have two or three here in this part of Indiana) was running out of stuff! I heard one of the employees mention it to another employee. The deals of the day started at 2 or 3, and went until closing, and I think we were there around evening time, maybe 4 or 5 pm. It must’ve been a long evening for them!10402024_10205847887856916_4544153687454919251_n

They offered a french press for two and a brownie, a flat white and a croissant, or a raspberry white chocolate mocha or a white chocolate mocha and a sugar cookie for $5. I chose a raspberry white chocolate mocha with my cookie 🙂


Valentine’s Day morning I wanted to make something kind of fun, and I chose crepes which I found in the Skinnytaste cookbook:


Jesse was able to sneak out and grab some Starbucks and roses Saturday morning:


And this is the tabletop I worked hard on putting together!

11002660_10205847888656936_3370654990878312441_nHow was your Valentine’s Day? ❤



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