Friday Favorites: Valentines Day Edition

Today (and yesterday) I’ve been feeling like I’ve been battling a cold. I’m thinking the change in climate, being crammed on airplanes, lots of public places, and lack of sleep is causing me to pay for it somehow.

I’ve been taking it easy and spending a pretty decent amount of time on Pinterest.

Usually every year I try and do something fun for my husband for Valentine’s Day. It’s not easy to try and be creative and do something different every year and I always am looking for something to try.

1. One thing that I love is Dating Divas. They have some great stuff all the time.  You can find them on Facebook and Pinterest where they post all of their ideas. One thing that caught my eye from them was a Date Night in a Box. Personally I enjoy staying in, creating meals, doing a special table, and not having to change out of sweatpants if I don’t have to.

The Dating Divas have so many ideas of things that you could do, and variations of what you could put in your box, depending on what you and your spouse (or boyfriend/fiancé) like.

VdayDateNightBox6edited_websizeWM2. One thing I also like from the Dating Divas are printable love notes. I used to write little notes for my husband (at the time he was probably my boyfriend/fiancé). It would say simple things like have a good day, love you, or something like that.  I would put things in wallets, on mirrors, in cars, etc. I really like this idea of the printables because they’re cute, they’re themed, and they’re easy. Everyone is so busy these days, so why not cut a few corners and still try and be sweet and romantic? The Dating Divas have so many!


Find them here.

3. Here is my favorite Valentine’s Day tablescape from One Good Thing by Jillee. Side note: She’s got so many good ideas for Valentines, check that blog out!

This table is fairly simple. Ball jars, candy, and ribbon make up a majority of this look. Placemats, heart plates, and pink/red napkins you may not have in your house (and have to buy if you want this look).


4. I love love love this idea from Lauren Conrad if you’re interested in having a party.  It’s a dessert party and gives you lots of fun ideas, if you want to do something like this with girlfriends (single ladies!) or with couples.


What are you loving for Valentine’s Day?


I’m linking up with Tatertots & Jello.


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