Weekend Recap: Quick Seattle Trip

I know I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we decided a sort of last minute trip to Washington. Last year about this time I was itching to go back home…I’m not sure if it’s just something that seems to happen for me, if it’s missing the holidays with my family or missing my birthday with the family, or if it’s missing all the fun Seahawks fever that is happening in Washington, but I just want to go. So we booked our tickets, then off we went.

We had everything just about planned out…We had the dog being boarded, we had someone coming by to check on the cat, we had how we were going to get to the airport decided. Our flight was due to leave super early on Friday morning, so I checked with my aunt and uncle in Indianapolis and they were okay with us staying at their house the night before.

The day before we were set to leave, I was trying to get ahold of the lady that was supposed to board our dog, Stryker. Last minute she told me she was out of town, so on to plan b, whatever that would be, to take care of our dog for the weekend. Luckily, someone at J’s work was able to watch him, and I’m pretty sure he was spoiled rotten the entire time we were gone.

So Thursday evening J got home from work, finished packing, and off we went. We dropped Stryker off and headed to Indianapolis.  My aunt and uncle had made a cake for a belated birthday celebration, and we enjoyed stew, salad, and bread for dinner. They had recently returned from Cancun, and I got a gift of a pendant of my initials in Mayan. Such a fun gift.

We wrapped up the evening with some wine, and went to bed.  I didn’t sleep very well (I never seem to before a trip) and we got up bright and early to get to the airport.  Luckily Indianapolis International Airport isn’t horribly busy, so it was easy for us to quickly park, check our bags, and get through security in a timely fashion.  We were late in taking off since it had started to snow in Indianapolis, and they had to deice the plane before we left.

We had a detour (and very short layover) in Phoenix. It was busy there, rainy, and we basically sprinted to our next gate. We got to SeaTac early, about thirty minutes, which was nice given that we were so late taking off in Indianapolis.

By the time we got to Seattle we were pretty much starving, but we still stopped by the house and got to see my brother before we headed to get something to eat. The rest of the day was basically running around, we went to Costco, Fred Meyer, dropped J off with his chiropractor friend, got some 12th Man coffee, and hit up the wine store. By the end of the day I was definitely tired enough to sleep!

The next day we got up semi-early and went up north of Seattle, where J’s mom lives.


We spent the day with J’s mom, spending some time at her house before going into town. We ate at Chipotle (one of J’s faves), went to Target, the mall, and bowling.  We were able to make it back to my family’s house to eat a late dinner. It was my choice since it had just been my birthday, so we went for Thai. After we came home and did cake, ice cream, and gifts.

IMG_6024 IMG_6027 IMG_6038


For my birthday I got a cookbook from my brother, Skinnytaste, a Seahawks blanket my mom made, a remote for my camera (I’ve been wanting one for a while!), and a lens for my iPhone to do some fun stuff with. I’m looking forward to using that and having fun with it!

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday, which we all know how that ended. Regardless it was a great game, and of course we still love our Seahawks!


We wrapped up the evening with my bro, Taylor playing some Legos with the kids, and J had been dying for a massage from my mom (she used to be a licensed massage therapist).


The next day we headed home. Let me say, I was following the news, at least somewhat, and I knew that it had snowed in the Midwest, working its way out toward the East coast. Our flight was stopping at O’hare, which always is a major hub and tends to get the most major delays. By the time we got there, we found that our flight out of O’hare had been cancelled. I had been checking the flight often before we left, and it wasn’t until we were in the air that our flight had been cancelled.  Needless to say, it was interesting getting back home!


These photos are from the flight from SeaTac to O’hare. The mountain view and as you can probably tell, getting into the much flatter plain states.


Above is Chicago from the air.

We were stuck in Chicago for several hours, but finally got a flight out of O’hare close to 9 pm. Turns out that flight had been the next one out after our original flight. Then it had been delayed about three times. We are grateful that we were able to get out that evening though–It had been the first flight out from Chicago to Indianapolis in two days, and the only one that day. It was a late night back for sure.

Crazy weekend…But worth it 🙂



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