#WIAW: Super Bowl Weekend

So I had this crazy idea about two weeks ago that we should make a trip to Washington.  I don’t know if it’s my birthday that comes up, or the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, but I was itching to leave the state of Indiana and go west.

We were starving by the time we got in to SeaTac, we had a crazy early flight from Indianapolis with an incredibly short layover in Phoenix, and were desperately ready for some food.

Our choice?  Taco Time!  This is a place that is primarily in Washington and I love it.  I could eat this every day when we’re there.  Anyway, it was Blue Friday for the Seahawks and pre Superbowl Weekend, and we got these awesome chips and salsa there:IMG_7720

Oh I love Taco Time.

Next meal that we had that I remembered to snap a picture of was my chicken pad thai from Ayothaya Thai that I picked for my birthday.  It’s always fun to go to places like this because my family all usually picks different things.  That way it’s fun to try everything!


And of course no birthday is complete without birthday cake! Thank you Fred Meyer (boy I miss this store too…)IMG_6026

So good a cat will eat it.


Breakfast the next morning wasn’t anything super special…But my mom made it so that was nice!IMG_7749

Dinner for Super Bowl Sunday was very good… Always so much food!  We had chili with rice. Among lots of other good food…


And our awesome cake!  Loved this. It was really good too!


And last but not least, go Hawks! ❤


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3 thoughts on “#WIAW: Super Bowl Weekend

  1. Ohhh I miss Seattle! I was up in Camas for Thanksgiving visiting family. I lived in Bellevue for a while when I was younger and just fell in love with that area. And Taco Time is ALWAYS on my list of places to stop when we drive up. I wish it would make its way across the country, I miss those crisp burritos!

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