Tried & True Tuesday: Lemons + Hard Water Stains

So, on Pinterest (yes, Pinterest again!) I noticed this interesting lemon trick.  it’s supposed to take away hard water spots.  Several blogs have posted about it, so I thought I’d give it a try.


I had this lemon sitting out…It started to get a bit strange, small, and wrinkly so instead of tossing it I decided that I would try and repurpose it.  This trick I wanted to use on my bathroom hardware, because I’ve had issues in Georgia with removing the spots.  I swear, everything that I would try and nothing would work.

IMG_7683 This is what the before looked like.  We’ve got really bad hard water here.  No fun!

So what I did was use the lemon and “scrub” the surface.  It took only a couple minutes but wasn’t too bad.

IMG_7685This is what it looked like when it was cleaned and dried.  There are still some little white spots, but I’m not really sure if they’re going to come off.  It’s hard to kind of scrub the lemon in all the strange or small spots.  But overall it worked!  I was kind of surprised.

So next time you have an old lemon….Don’t toss it, see what you can do around the house with it 😉  The rest of the lemon I slice up and tossed in the garbage disposal.  Makes it smell better!



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