Holiday Recap: New Years in Pittsburgh

For New Years this year J had an idea of driving to New York to go see some friends that we knew from when he was at MCCC (Maneuver Captains Career Course). The drive from here to there would be close to twelve hours or so, and regardless he wanted to see his good friend.  I too wanted to see them and their kids (it wouldn’t hurt to get away too). J came home one day for work one day and had proposed the idea that we meet halfway for New Years in Pittsburgh. They had discussed it and from there the idea took off.

We drove out the day before New Years Eve, settled into the hotel, then met them for dinner.  We went back to the hotel, exchanged belated Christmas gifts, and enjoyed the rest of the night relaxing at the hotel.

The next day we decided to go up the incline and got to overlook the city:

IMG_5944 IMG_5945 IMG_5946 IMG_5947 IMG_5948


IMG_5959J and I on the InclineIMG_5950

The tracks from the Incline trolley


Lunch at Pimanti Brothers

10915067_10205494789309673_1528532510914652652_o 10891622_10205494790789710_4482541528653296802_n10891650_10205494790749709_4392575967719122167_n

The most mesmerizing part of the Carnegie Mellon Art Museum 😉

10530662_10205494790669707_7571757412155533657_nNew Years Eve with Cards Against Humanity

We wrapped up the evening after all of that adventure with some Mexican food and we went back to the hotel. The kids went to bed, and we wrapped up 2014 with some Cards Against Humanity. We had breakfast the next morning before hitting the road. It was great seeing our friends and even though we were sightseeing, we still had a good amount of relaxation in there too.

We hope you had a nice end to 2014 and have had an enjoyable year so far.



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