Holiday Recap: Christmas in Chicago

J and I with my aunt and uncle
J with my aunt Alice

This year has been different from many other years while J has been in the Army.  This year, we are close to my aunt (my mother’s sister) and her family for nearly the first time in…Well ever.  We’ve lived in Washington, Georgia, and Alaska, each time being either with mine or J’s immediate family, or just on our own.  It’s really the first time we’ve been with family that wasn’t our immediate family.

Christmas Eve we drove up to Chicago and we got ready for the Christmas Eve service at my cousin’s family’s church.

We had a nice dinner at their house Christmas Eve, and spent some time at their house before heading back to our hotel.

10882132_10205397375354385_2639241125003820854_n 10891510_10205426407080160_1777347526124652606_n

Christmas Day J and I went out and grabbed some Starbucks before meeting my aunt and uncle and headed to my cousin’s house.  Stryker, our dog, got to come with us and spend some time at their house while we were there.

We had brunch and relaxed while the kids played with their toys and watched some TV.  The kids wanted to head to the park to play with their toys, and so we took Stryker with us.  He got to run around and play, and got to meet two golden retrievers.

Christmas dinner table

We spend the rest of the day relaxing and talking, the boys (my cousin has three young boys) and the men played games and things basically all day, but overall they were having a blast.

Another one of my cousins, his wife, and a child they were fostering from Latvia came shortly before dinner and we got to visit with everyone which was nice.

The day after Christmas we had breakfast with my aunt and uncle before hitting the road and heading back to Indiana.

Overall we had a great Christmas, maybe next year my parents will be able to visit!  I think they’d really like that 🙂



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