Ipsy Glam Bag

Anyone subscribe to the Ipsy Glam Bag?

I saw this a few months ago, right around the time of our cross-country move. I’ve always enjoyed stores like Sephora for years, and all their beautiful lip glosses, eye liners, and eyeshadows they featured.  Now at the time I was way too young to be able to afford the $60 eye pallets (and still would have to rearrange my budget if I really wanted it).  When I was finally exposed to Ulta (thank you Fort Benning) before the company seemed to expand nearly everywhere, I was able to see and purchase not only designer make up and perfume, but stuff that was much more reasonable–more like drugstore prices.

So when I saw Ipsy being advertised all over Facebook (something that Ipsy encourages you to do pretty much every time you log into your account) I wanted to check it out.  There are lots of different boxes that are popular–FullCircle, BarkBox, Julep–But none of these are boxes that are inexpensive per se, I knew that for myself personally I would be receiving the boxes and be regretting spending the $30+ a month and next to never using everything in it.  Ipsy is only $10/month, and even though the items are more sample size, more manageable for myself.

So finally I signed up (we were finally staying put too), and got on the Ipsy wait list.  If there’s anything I loathe, it’s posting constantly on Facebook.  So of course, they want you to follow them on every social media outlet, follow them on YouTube, and then invite 10 of your friends.  I couldn’t manage to do the last one–I highly dislike people asking me to do/buy things that I haven’t talked to in the last 6-12 months.  So I wasn’t going to do it to them.  I emailed Ipsy (they say that you can write them any time to check your wait list status), who responded back with an email almost immediately saying that they’re going to get back to me within 24-48 hours.  Sure enough, 24 hours later, they wrote me back (I’d say that’s pretty good customer service) and let me know that I’d be receiving my Glam Bag in December.  Yes!

So today when I saw a flood of “Look what I’m getting in my Ipsy Glam Bag!” posts on Facebook, I thought that I would look at mine.  Friends, you’re going to have to excuse my Ipsy posts 1-2 times a month because yes I want to see (who wouldn’t?!).  So here’s a little sneak peek of what I’m going to be getting in my bag:

December Ipsy Glam Bag Preview
December Ipsy Glam Bag Preview

I’m excited to see the products–I also love that every time they send a bag–And to try everything.  I love Bumble and Bumble, they’re one of my favorite brands.  Do I need another make up brush?  No, probably not, but I’d probably use it.  I’m interested in seeing how the eye cream, lip balm, and mascara all work out.  I’m actually interested to see if the lip balm will actually be the color that they show here–I’m not super sure about a red color, I’d be more comfortable with a pink, but thinking outside the box is good too.

When I receive the bag I will do a full review of products–In case you’d like to live vicariously through me 😉

Do you receive the Ipsy Glam Bag? How do you like it?



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