Friday Favorites: Black Friday Edition


Anyone planning on going black friday shopping?

It seems as though the best deals are going to be on Thanksgiving this year, and yes there are some amazing deals!

I will likely not be taking part of Thanksgiving Day shopping, I prefer the day after shopping.

Last year we went out on Black Friday in Alaska, it was pretty chilly out there!  Rolling out of bed (I am not a morning person!) the day after Thanksgiving, or any day at like 3 am is not my cup of tea.

So how to be fashionable with no time getting ready?

Here are some of styles that I like that I found on Pinterest that are no fuss,

my kind of style 🙂

Source: Trusper
Source: Polyvore
Source: Polyvore
Source: Fashionista Trends

Love love love the simplicity of a good pair of comfy pants, boots, maybe some layers, and/or a scarf.

Toss it on, not a lot of jewelry or make up.

Keeping it simple so that when after you’ve shopped…You can drop 😉

Have a great weekend!



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