Acorn Treats

You might remember how I blogged a couple of weeks ago for Friday Favorites some cute acorn treats.

After looking at lots of different photos, I decided that a bag of nutter butters, a bag of mini chocolate chips, and hershey kisses would be perfect for the look I wanted.

I melted part of the chocolate chips (not a ton–you really don’t need much) and unwrapped the chocolate kisses.


I did a combination of the cookies–some pulled apart and some not pulled apart.  I put the chocolate on with a toothpick since it’s such a small amount of space to work with.


Add the Hershey’s Kiss


Let them set…I tried to speed the process up by putting these in the freezer to set.IMG_7196

I then added the chocolate chips to the other side of the cookie with the melted chocolate with the tip of the toothpick.


And you get these bad boys!

What are you making for Thanksgiving this year?



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