Tried & True Tuesday

Today i decided that I’d start a new *installation* of sorts.  I always am on Pinterest trolling for new recipes…And I think to myself…Is this really good?  I know so many food bloggers are experts of photography–they’re super talented in taking pictures of food.  Their photos are beautiful, mouth watering, amazing looking food.  First I think, I want to learn this technique (I love learning new things about photography) but then (and most importantly) what I want to know is, is it good? Wouldn’t it be cool to visit a blog that tells you just that?

Then it hit me.

I should do it.


So, today I will be talking about a recipe for orange chicken that I found through The Frugal Girl’s website.

Crockpot Orange Chicken by The Frugal Girls

I used what I had on hand for BBQ sauce (frugal girls goes for the Sweet Baby Ray’s which is very good).  I actually have two bottles of BBQ sauce and two jars of orange marmalade.  Weird.IMG_7133

First I cooked the chicken on low for six hours:


Drain the fats/grease from the bottom of the slow cooker (I used a baster to do this).


I shredded the chicken (this was personal preference for me, I just wanted it shredded).


Add the BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and the marmalade:


Mix it up!


Cook it for an additional 30 minutes (this will also allow you to cook your rice).

Then Voila!


So the best question is, did this recipe get a two thumbs up from the husband (aka pickiest eater I know)?  The answer is no.  His response was “it’s ok.”  Really? Don’t get me wrong I’m all up for opinions but when you are sitting there doing a bunch of work for dinner, smelling it, enjoying it, etc…That’s not the answer you want.

Now, did I like it?  I thought that this was quite the clever way to cook chicken (didn’t use anything like cooking spray in the crock pot and yet the chicken didn’t stick…I guess that’s a side note! ha), the orange did give a nice sweet orange flavor.  I thought that it all tasted good, my husband often times compares any orange chicken to the orange chicken at Panda Express, and if its not exactly the same, it’s a no.  I will say I did screw up the rice…It didn’t turn out well oddly and it didn’t have a great taste/texture…So that probably adds into things.

Sound good?  Try the recipe here at


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