Friday Favorites #2: Winter Edition


Happy Friday!

I thought today might be fun to do a winter version of my Friday Faves because its snowed here in Indiana,

(not as much as Buffalo, NY, thank goodness!!)

and I found myself breaking out some of the usual attire I wore in Alaska.

It did get down to 9 degrees one night…Brrrr….


1. I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for well…Any kind of mountains right now.  LOVE this quote. Snow just isn’t the same without some mountains!

2. Bogs! I can’t tell you how much I love Bogs. I LIVED in them in Alaska.  These ones I purchased at REI, even though they’re available at many places in Alaska, have been available at Costco in the fall season, and of course online at the Bogs website.

I myself love them because they go up to -40 (your toes will start to feel it around -15 though), they’re easy to put on, they’re relatively warm, and a great break-up (Alaskan term for when the ice starts melting and everything gets muddy and/or slushy) shoe.  They have little handles which are awesome, they are a taller boot (good for deeper snow or mud), and are really great for me since I had an ankle injury and this was great for keeping my leg warm through the first winter after the injury.

3. This hat from Alaska Chicks. The hat is super cute, and available all over the place in Alaska. Alaska Chicks makes some great gear, and if you ever take a trip to Alaska or the Anchorage area, keep an eye out for their adorable fashion.

4. This skirt! It’s made by Skhoop, also available at REI. They are down, waterproof, and pretty awesome. They’re a great accessory which you can walk, hike, or ski in (there is zippers on the sides). You can get them in a variety of lengths, and are super warm, even when it’s a bit windy out.

What was your favorite thing this week?

Have a great weekend!



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