Friday Faves for the Week of 11/14


This is marking week one of my Friday Favorites!  This was something that I did a few times on another blog, but it’s fun and I always love to see other people’s favorites, so I’d like to share mine 🙂

Favorite Snack: Acorn Treats


This one is from Two Twenty One, there is a lot of variations for this…Nilla Wafers instead of mini nutter butters, different colored hershey kisses, and either a dollop of chocolate on top…or a peanut butter chip, chocolate chip, or mini chip…The options are endless.  And cute!!

Favorite Fashion Trend: The Blanket Scarf


This one pictured is by Zara and featured on Just Dandy.  The colors on this one are beautiful!  I purchased one recently from in black, white, and red (gotta match my new black boots!). And, if you’re interested in how to style the scarf, this is a great resource.

Favorite Website: Funky Junk Interiors


This is a blog about reusing, repurposing, redecorating, and the like.  And cats.

Ok, maybe not so much about cats, but she’s got some really beautiful ideas, and since old furniture, antiques, and flea markets seem to be very popular in this area…it’s such a fun website to look at.

Favorite Quote:


Source: Etsy

What would be some of your favorite things this week?

Have a great weekend!



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