Thankful Thursday

I decided that Thursdays I would dedicate to being Thankful.

I lucked out, since I am doing 30 Days of Thankfulness with

Click It Up A Notch

through my Instagram account (you can find more with #OurThankful30).

Here are my first seven days of November:


1. Thankful for beautiful skies after a super blustery Halloween.  It was spooky.

2. We made sure to head out and purchase the first Starbucks red cups of the year. They did come out November 1st, we made it in there November 2nd.  Creme Brûlée Latte!

3. Love love LOVE spending time with the big guy.  Lately he’s been a bit sick, and I’m grateful for every day that I have with him.

4. Thankful for the big kitty.  He managed to find his way in my dresser draws, and was rooting through them.

Little turd.

5. Thankful for “ugly” cupcakes.  I made cupcakes for my husband to bring into woe (they had two birthdays on the 5th), so I made a vanilla on vanilla cupcake recipe which was AMAZING.  I will have to blog that recipe sometime 🙂

6. Thankful for rain boots!  And cute ones at that;)  I got them last year in the fall from Costco, and I like to wear them out when I walk the dog.

7.  Thankful it’s FRIDAY!  Woot:)  With a long weekend I have been super psyched, and it’ll be a short work week for J, which is awesome too.  It’s nice having time together.

What are you thankful for today?



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