The Midwest Life

So, how did we get here?

At the beginning of the year, J was considering his options on what to do next in his military career.  He decided as a broadening assignment that he wanted to try to relax and do an ROTC job, while trying to achieve his master’s degree.

So he set the plan in motion, leaving his job the beginning of September.  Not even a week later, we were on our way back to Washington (via the Alcan) to visit family.  After about a month (!) visiting there we headed east to the midwest.

The journey was smooth enough, we didn’t have any hiccups (thank goodness!).  We made it to the apartment complex we picked out through photos and communication over the internet, and it wasn’t quite as we expected.  Four apartment showings later we landed on a three bedroom two bath apartment that we liked enough to live in.  Needless to say, it’s been interesting.  And of course doesn’t live up to the expectations of our gorgeous house in Alaska.

Two days after taking the apartment we had our household goods (HHGs, if you will) delivered to our apartment, and the day after that Jesse started work.  Ever since the apartment has been whittling away on projects on the apartment that *still* aren’t quite finished.  I’m pretty sure that J is pretty fed up with it, and will be taking matters into his own hands this weekend.

As many of you probably know, this is a new blog for us, we have switched over to Wordpress.  It has obviously been ages since I’ve posted on the old blog (things tapered off when I started working, then broke my ankle).  I was looking at some other options for a fresh start and a blog with some different options.  So, we’re trying this out for a while.

Stay tuned if you’ll want to see our Indiana adventures and keep up with us.  There will probably be a little DIYing, lots of projects, baking, and photos.

Thanks for stopping by<3



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